I’ve a automobile that I’m the other way up on already. Even worse, it’s just about assured that at 120ok miles the transmission will fail and substitute will value 4K. I anticipate this can happen subsequent summer time. By then I’ll have the money saved (15ok) to both pay it off, repair it, or pay money for a good used automobile ( I don’t ever wish to purchase a brand new automobile or finance something ever once more). If I pay it off it can take just about every thing besides retirement financial savings so I received’t have the money to repair it if it breaks down. Ought to I maintain off on maxing out my Roth (11ok since married) this 12 months and concentrate on this drawback as a substitute? If I did that it could possibly be paid off by April, or ought to I pay it off extra slowly and simply repair the transmission when it goes out? I’m 33 and solely 9k in retirement so I’m nervous about not investing far more sooner or later. This automobile is my solely debt, Home is paid off not less than. Any recommendation on that is appreciated.

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