I am <30 had wonderful credit score and credit score restrict flushed it. Playing cards went to collections, I’ve settled the place judgments have been coming and the remainder am ready to vanish. I am nonetheless a couple of years from them clearing from my historical past. I perceive the fundamentals, what I am unfamiliar with is choose ‘middling’ credit score rating playing cards. I opened a safe card 1 yr in the past at a CU when CS WAS <500 for $500 to rebuild credit score. Now I requested about changing to unsecured and mentioned, sure, however would lose my 1yr account standing so far as businesses have been involved. No go for me so far as rebuilding credit score

**Query**: I’ve a 640 CS, I need to work again as much as one thing like [this]( cards/DoubleCash/ps_A/index.html?m=24AK111111W&cmp=KNC~01~110901~CRDACQXX~Google&BT_TX=1&ProspectID=8E871E594522441D8B0DE8FEDA70D86F), for the time being, what am I in search of in a card to assist me try this. I do not care about airline perks, I do not take care of rotating reductions, I do not take care of shitty service, I do not count on an entire lot of rewards or a reimbursement. I simply need to swipe it, pay it off, name in each 6-12 to boost credit score restrict and watch my credit score rebuild. What ought to I search for, or does it even matter?


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