###Standing of the Bitcoin community as of Monday, September 24, 2018 at 12:00:03 EST:

**Complete bitcoins:** 17,285,758.544979

**Top:** 542,867

**Issue:** 7,152,633,351,906.413086

######Statistics for the previous 24 hours:

**Variety of blocks mined:** 158

**Complete bitcoins output (quantity despatched):** 724,784.836662

**Complete charges:** 14.693835

**Common time till block discovered:** 9 minutes, 6 seconds

**Estimated hashrate:** 56,178,374,521.275696 gh/s

**Present worth:** US$6,606.64

*Information supplied by [Smartbit.com.au](https://www.smartbit.com.au). Value information supplied by [Coinbase.com](https://www.coinbase.com).*


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